Condo/Apartment Building Complex Cleaning

KeptClean Services knows how important it is for an apartment and condominium complex community to administer a result-driven program for their facility’s cleaning needs.

Our janitorial cleaning team cleans and maintains your amenities: hallways, elevators, lobbies, clubhouses, community rooms, laundry rooms.  Our teams are prepared to vacuum the carpet, sweep and mop hard flooring, dust furniture, sanitize bathrooms, clean window glass, remove cobwebs or anything else that is requested for your facilities cleaning program. 

  • Choose either weekly or bi-weekly maintenance schedules to coincide with your custom made cleaning program and let our actions take care of the rest.

It's KeptClean Services priority to give the owners or tenants a healthy clean-living environment, one that promotes wellness.
  • Our approach to the positive customer experience is primarily to ensure that our customers receive high-performance professional cleaning on a consistent schedule. Quality and reliability are in the core of each janitorial program we design for our customers. Our ability to understand our customer needs and construct a result-driven program is a skill that clearly contributes to our effective leadership - We have our references speak for themselves.