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 Residential and Commercial Cleaning Services

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General Cleaning Services

Offered as Weekly, Bi-weekly, Every three weeks or Monthly Services

After an effective deep cleaning removes all the dirt and grime that has built up, we'll be able to keep your home sparkling quickly and at lower prices. Our general house cleaning is thorough, and includes bathrooms, the kitchen, and all living areas. We vacuum, clean, shine, dust and straighten up each and every room inside your home.  This service includes all the items listed in our General Cleaning Routine Checklist

What do we do when we arrive at your home for a general cleaning?
For general cleaning services we come into your home on a recurring scheduled day of your choice.  We go into each room to clean, dust, shine and straighten everything one wall at a time; from the ceiling down to the floors and everything in between. We vacuum underneath everything, if possible. Before leaving each room, we vacuum our way out so you are the first to view. For hard surface flooring we use backpack vacuums to do a detailed cleaning each cleaning; around everything. We then will mop or hand wash all hard surfaces to remove surface dirt.  We clean flooring by starting from the back of your home and working our way out the front door.  After the flooring has dried, we replace all your vacuumed rugs back to where they belong.  Before leaving, we clean your entrance door windows and do a walk through to ensure that everything looks acceptable.